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NPC Stats

Default NPC

When in doubt, an NPC has the following stats:

3 HP, 0 Armor, d6 weapon, 10 Body, 10 Training, 10 Resolve

In short: 3HP(d6)10B/10T/10R

Adjust stats for NPCs or creatures that have notable or significant differences. Most NPCs and creatures can be differentiated by actions, motivations, and behavior rather than needing to adjust stats.

Adjusting Stats

Evasive enemies have more HP. Armor can also be used to represent particularly evasive enemies. Avoid large amounts of HP as it can cause combat to become boring and repetitive. Remember that HP is not meat or physical resilience, it’s a creature’s ability to avoid harm.

Deadly enemies have stronger weapons, or Critical Damage effects. Use Blast damage for explosives, sweeping beams, or giant slashing claws. Damage ranges from a d4 for unarmed attacks, to a d12 for massive damage.

Strong enemies have 15 Body, weak have 5.

Skilled enemies have 15 Training, drones have 5. It is usually not necessary to specify the specific Skills NPCs have, instead make rulings based on what would plausibly be within their area of expertise based on their profession and background.

Brave enemies have 15 Resolve, cowardly have 5.

Add Specials to represent unique abilities, technologies, or tactics NPCs might have access to.

Example NPCs


3HP, Rifle (d6), 10B/10T/10R

Goal: Get out, get paid.

XR-33 Cyborg Bounty Hunter

6 HP, 2 Armor, Smart Rifle (d10), Stun Grenade (d8 nonlethal blast), 10B/15T/15R

Special: Any attack that deals Direct Damage also attaches a tracker to that target.

Goal: Get the mark at all costs.

Xenomorph Queen

12HP, 1 Armor, (Jaws d10, Psychic Blast d8), 15B/10T/15R

On Direct Damage from the Queen’s jaws a Xenomorph Egg is implanted in the target.

Special: Does not make Critical Damage Save when taking Direct Damage. Instead HP is restored to max and it flees to recover.

Goal: Grow and protect her brood.

Xenomorph Drone

1HP, Bite (d6), 5B/5T/5R

Special: If under psychic control of a Queen, Morale Saves automatically succeed.

Goal: Serve the Queen.

Moon Mad Cultist

3HP, Improvised Weapons (d6), 10B/10T/10R

Not hostile unless provoked. Somehow unaffected by their extreme self flagellation.

Special: Inflict a d4 Fear Save when their unnatural state is clear.

Goal: Expand the cult, share the knowledge.

Captain Haisly

6 HP, 2 Armor, Raygun (d8), 10B/15T/15R

Corporate Override: If she is incapacitated an embedded AI takes over to ensure corporate values are followed.

Host of the Terra Co propaganda show Space Patrols: True Stories: Repo Edition. Wears a heavily modified Corp Sec uniform with the addition of an over-sized leather bomber jacket and a captain’s beret always kept at a jaunty angle. Flashy and flawless while cameras are running. Short tempered and curt when they’re not.

Goal: Get the shot, look good doing so.

Zip Zop, Robotic Sidekick

6 HP, 1 Armor, Micro Missiles (d6 blast), 15B/10T/15R

Haisly’s sidekick and cohost. Primarily here to be the butt of jokes from Haisly. Fan favorite character. Stores figurines of both Haisly and himself in his chest cavity. Built from deliberately visually mismatched and cartoonish parts. Mostly shiny chrome, but RGB lights constantly flashing through gaps in the plating.

Goal: Support the show, ensure Haisly follows corporate protocols.