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I Search The Body

  1. Snuffbox of Powdered Caffeine (Guaranteed to make sleep impossible for 24 hours.)
  2. Wide Spectrum Laser Pointer (Tunes from 266nm through 1064nm.)
  3. Novelty Hand Buzzer Toy
  4. Three ID cards (Same picture, different names.)
  5. Perpetual Fidget Spinner
  6. X-Ray Glasses (They don’t see through walls, they block x-rays.)
  7. Cosmic Compass (Points towards the galactic core.)
  8. Corporate “Ancestry” Report (Shows Meteor Corp as the great great great grandparent company.)
  9. Collectible Holo Card (When viewed at a specific angle a poorly rendered grinning monkey is visible.)
  10. Smart Watch (Servers long since dead, only remaining functions are pedometer, flashlight, and snake.)
  11. “Thick Thighs Save Lives” Bracelet
  12. Entangled Pair of Loaded Dice (Always roll opposite faces.)
  13. Double Sided Switchblade
  14. Old Earth “Buy A Star” Certificate (Coordinates just a few systems over.)
  15. “I Pounded the Abyss and the Abyss Pounded Me Back” by Tuck Chingle (Signed copy.)
  16. Jar of “Universal Seasoning Powder” (Makes everything taste of meaty cheese.)
  17. Bottle Opener (Made from decommissioned starship metal.)
  18. Leather Bag Containing 30 Silver Coins
  19. “Buy 10 Get One Free” Punch Card for Grease Dogs at Willie’s Space Stop (9 holes punched.)
  20. False Mustache
  21. Pack of Camel Eye Nebula Cigarettes (“99.9% Carcinogen Free”)
  22. Collapsible Self Inflating Neck Pillow
  23. Packet of Dried Ship-Shroom Jerky (Teriyaki flavor.)
  24. FreshTM Brand Orange (An orange a day keeps space scurvy away.)
  25. Flask of Moonshine (Brewed by a friendly engine tech.)
  26. Antique Tin of Anchovies
  27. Deck of Playing Cards (Terra Co. C-Suite as face cards.)
  28. Long Haul Spacer Challenge Coin (Present for a free drink at a friendly bar.)
  29. Small Can of Hairspray
  30. Large Indelible Marker
  31. Pack of Gum (With temporary tattoos.)
  32. Napkin With Scribbled Coordinates (Barely legible.)
  33. Spacer’s Almanac (1d6-2 years old.)
  34. Protein Bar (shrimp flavor)
  35. Locket With Cat Portrait and Tuft of Fur
  36. Pack of Dental-Bots (Neumann Bots - “For Exponentially Cleaner Teeth”)
  37. Collapsible Meal Kit (Plate, cup, fork, spoon, chopsticks.)
  38. Chromatic Makeup Stick (Twist cap to change color, squeeze to change type.)
  39. Radiation Dosimeter Badge (Still clear.)
  40. Tin of Mints (Half empty.)
  41. Good Vibez Music Player (Uses any flat surface as a speaker, hacked to remove license restrictions.)
  42. Packet of Fruit Snacks (99% genetic overlap with real fruit.)
  43. Floppy Disk (handwritten label, “Record of External Context Signal”)
  44. Bag of Space Sickness Lozenges
  45. “Buckyball” Neodymium Magnets
  46. Box of Strike Anywhere Self-Oxidizing Matches
  47. “Galactic Artifact Brewing” Snap Bracelet
  48. Tube of Radiation Blocking “Sunscreen”
  49. Zune Music Player (Contains 24 gigs of classic prog rock.)
  50. Collapsible, nesting, ornate tea set.