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Skills are things your character is particularly good at and knows a lot about. When there’s no risk, Skills represent a competence and knowledge that an untrained person wouldn’t have. When there’s risk and the situation requires expertise, roll for Saves with your full Training if you have a relevant Skill, and half of it (rounded up) if you don’t.

Undefined Skills

Undefined Skills are an unexplored part of your character’s past and chosen on the fly. If you have an Undefined Skill, you may choose what it is in a moment where it is needed. Once defined, the Skill is no longer Undefined and is permanently whatever Skill was chosen. Skills defined this way do not have to appear on the Random Skills list, or within a class, as long as they make sense for the game.

Random Skills (d66)

To generate a random skill, roll a d6 for the column then a d6 for the row (or click here).

d6 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
1. Hydroponics Horology Driving Philosophy Mechanical Repair Sleight of Hand
2. Geology Astrogation Cold Reading Corporatocracy Optics Demolition
3. Larceny Folk History First Aid Climatology Plumbing Salvaging
4. Hotwiring Corporate History Cooking Spacelaw Coding Psychoanalysis
5. Streetwise Forensics Art (Specify Media) Economics Cryptography Nexialism
6. Knots Xenoarcheology Music (Specify Instrument) Xenoforming Tracking Jury Rigging