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Ship Stats

Ship Abilities

Space Ships have Ability Scores similar to a character.

  • Hull: Used for Saves when taking damage.
  • Drive: Used for Saves involving maneuverability and speed.
  • Tech: Used for Saves involving ship Modules and capabilities.


Shields are a ship’s ability to avoid damage in combat. Shields absorb damage before it begins to impact the ship’s Hull, and are restored quickly.


Fuel represents a ship’s ability to continue traveling and supporting its crew independently. It is a combination of energy, food, oxygen, ammunition, and raw materials. Fuel is consumed as a ship moves from system to system or moving quickly within a system, for ship upkeep, and for activating ship Modules. Fuel Canisters fill one Inventory slot must be replenished periodically to avoid ship malfunctions, system failures, or crew deprivation.


Ships have five Core Modules and usually some number of Specialty Modules occupying inventory slots. Each Specialty Module is associated with a Ship Ability and increases that Ability by 1. Some Modules have charge abilities that are activated by spending a Fuel Canister.


Ships usually have at least one weapon, and often more. Weapons have a damage die, and abstracted ranges where they are most effective. Some weapons have charge abilities that are activated by spending one Fuel.


Player ships usually have a total of 10 inventory slots. Most ship scale items (such as Specialty Modules or Fuel Canisters) take up one slot. Particularly large equipment or items may take up additional slots.

Some Specialty Modules can expand the number of inventory slots available in a ship.