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The Game

Meteor is a tabletop role playing game about a crew of eclectic characters having exciting, and stressful, adventures in a far future corporate galaxy. It is built off the chassis of the Cairn RPG and borrows the vibes of the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG. It is designed for easy playability with the latter’s excellent library of modules, but tones down the horror elements, in favor of a more “golden age” style. Fast character creation and easy to grasp mechanics for both Game Master and players reduce “time to table”. Combat is dynamic, exciting, and decisive. Stress and horror may cause characters to panic but won’t inflict lasting phobias or conditions.

Although the total size of this game is growing, only the sections covering Character Creation, Rules, and Combat (plus whichever Class you pick) are really needed to get started. The rest is rules that explain things in more detail, cover areas that might come up later (like space ships!), or give the GM tools to help run the game.

The Galaxy

Meteor has a setting, but only in so far as it helped me write what you find within the book. The setting is not canon, nor required, but a helpful background to make things more coherent.

In short, Meteor takes place in a far future galaxy dominated by mega-corporations. Meteor Corp, which controls the outer reaches and far flung parts of the galaxy, and Terra Company, which controls Old Earth and the surrounding colonies, have been at war for as long as anyone remembers. Players must make their way, scraping out a living in a galaxy shattered by conflict. For more see The Galaxy.

Work In Progress – version 0.6.2

Meteor is a playable, but unfinished game. Rules, text, and layout are all expected to be expanded and changed as playtesting progresses. If you play this game I’d love to hear about it via AwkwardTurtle Games, a comment on itch, or in the NSR or Cairn discord servers.