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Weapon Tags

Bulky weapons take up two inventory slots, and require two hands to hold.

Blast weapons deal damage to all targets within their effected area.

Nonlethal weapons do not deal Direct Damage, but still trigger a Save to avoid Critical Damage.

Weapon Descriptions

Arc Projector (1d6 blast)

Originally a static electricity gun to remove dust from solar panels, but with the limiters removed it launches arcs of deadly electricity.

Assault Rifle (1d10, bulky)

Big, loud, deadly.

Cutting Torch (1d8)

Emits a small, ultra-hot spear of flame which can cut through most materials.

Demo Charge (1d10 blast)

A powerful plastic explosive satchel, triggered by a remote detonator.

EMP Grenade (1d10 blast to electronics)

Releases a high powered electro-magnetic pulse which temporarily knocks out nearby electronics.

Fire Extinguisher (d6)

Works decently well to bash someone over the head with. Otherwise sprays a sticky, fire retardant foam which hardens as it dries.

Flamethrower (1d8 blast, bulky)

Most problems can be solved with the application of sufficient fire.

Flashbang (1d10 blast, nonlethal)

Explodes in a loud, bright, multispectral blast which confuses both organic and electric eyes.

Frag Grenades (1d10 Blast)

A one size fits all solution, as long as the problem is something being intact when you’d prefer it to be in pieces.

Gyrojet Pistol (1d8)

Fires small, spinning rockets rather than dumb bullets. Sought more for style than function.

Laser Wristwatch (1d6)

A stylish, if somewhat gaudy, wristwatch with a hidden cutting laser.

Machine Gun (1d8 blast, bulky)

Spray and pray. Although the praying is usually for those on the receiving end.

Magnetic Slug Thrower (1d6)

Mostly silent, and popular for its ability to launch any bits of metal close to hand in a pinch.

Mining Laser (1d10, bulky, one turn charge)

Despite its destructive power, the mining laser is largely considered unsuitable for combat due to the slow charge time, but needs must.

Mono-molecular Sword (1d8)

Grown as a single super molecule, the blade is nearly indestructible and never loses its edge.

Multipurpose Plasma Cutter (1d8)

Fires a compressed blade of plasma for slicing. Emitters can be reconfigured on the fly to change the orientation of the plasma.

Neuronic Whip (1d8, Nonlethal)

Fires a complex electro-magnetic pulse which triggers both the pain and pleasure centers of a brain, leading to confusion or unconsciousness.

Irregular results when used on Synths or Xenos.

Phased Microwave Array (1d8, nonlethal setting)

Invisible beams that scramble brains or fry them, depending on the setting. Commonly used to cook food in the field.

Pipe Wrench (1d6)

Very useful for removing pipes, pretty useful for breaking bones.

Plasma Projector (1d8, bulky)

Intended to clean organics off of surfaces, but with safety limiters released creates a short range cone of destructive plasa.

Plastiform Pistol (1d8, jams on 8, invisible to scan)

A hand weapon made entirely of non-metallic scan transparent meta-materials, looks like a blurred cloud to the naked eye.

Powered Sledgehammer (1d10, forceful, bulky)

The hammer’s head is built from a high durability piezo-electric crystal which releases stored energy on impact.

Pry-bar (d6)

Good for opening up stubborn doors, or skulls.

Revolver (1d8)

A classic, with vacuum proofing being the only nod towards modernity.

Rigging Gun (1d8, bulky, retractable harpoon)

Fires a harpoon with cable attached, popular for setting up safety lines between ships or derelict wrecks.

Shock Dart Pistol (1d8, nonlethal)

Metallic prongs send high voltages through the target, effective against both flesh and electronics.

Syringe Launcher (1d6 or loaded syringe)

When someone needs medicine administered over there, but you’d really prefer to remain over here.

Tactical Shotgun (1d6 blast, 1d10 point-blank, bulky)

Favored by Corporate Security, and disfavored by everyone else, for its ability to wreak absolute havoc inside an enclosed space ship.

Timed Mining Charge (1d10 blast)

An explosive package designed to shatter close packed stone and metal.

Welding Fuel Tank (d6 bludgeon, d10 blast if ignited)

Filled with fuel and oxygen for a welding torch, hefty in its own right.

Welding Torch (1d8)

Burns with an ultra-hot flame to cut apart and stick together metals.