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Character Creation


Characters in Meteor Corp. have three abilities:

  • Body: Used for Saves involving innate strength, speed, agility and reflexes.
  • Resolve: Used for Saves to keep your head in stressful situations.
  • Training: Used for Saves involving expertise and Skills.

Roll d6+6 for each ability.

Half of Training, rounded up, is used for Saves involving expertise or Skills a character does not have.

Hit Protection

Hit Protection (HP) is your ability to avoid damage in combat. HP does not indicate your health or fortitude; nor do you lose it for very long (see Healing).

Roll a d6 to determine your starting Hit Protection (HP).


Your class indicates your broad archetype and how you respond to stress. It boosts abilities, grants a special talent, and provides Unique Skills and Starting Equipment, plus an Equipment Package based on your HP.

Choose a class for your character and follow the instructions on that page:

  • ARMOR: The boots on the ground, or the neck. Good at being scary and not dying.
  • WRENCH: Keeps the ships flying. Good at getting things to work, one way or another.
  • SYNTH: An artificial person, constructed or grown. Good at computers and interfacing with tech.
  • LABCOAT: The one who figures things out. Good at leveraging knowledge.

See Weapons, Equipment, and Augmentations for more details for more details about specific items.


Your Skills describe the things you’re particularly good at, and determine when you roll against your full Training Ability in risky situations. If you need to roll Training and you don’t have a relevant Skill, divide the ability in half, rounded up.

You’ll get two Unique Skills from your Class, two Random Skills, and two Undefined Skills which will be determined on the fly during play.

Final Details

Choose a name.

Roll on the Search the Body table to see what will be found in your pockets if you don’t survive this adventure.