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Core Modules

Core Modules

  1. Standard Shield Projector provides 3 Max Shields. Restores 1 Shield each round, charge to instantly restore to max. Active Shields significantly limit the range and effectiveness of Scanning and Comms. - If damaged Shields no longer restore themselves and must be charged to be restored.

  2. Scanning & Comms Array allow the ship to talk to and look at things. See opposite page for range and effectiveness.
    • If damaged both Scans and Comms are low fidelity and cannot reach beyond the current zone.
  3. Life Support System provides oxygen to breathe, water to drink, food to eat, and gravity to walk with.
    • If damaged artificial gravity is disabled, and the crew is Deprived while relying on ship air, water, and food.
  4. Impulse Drive moves the ship around at sublight speeds. Usually takes hours to days to reach any point within a given star system (Pg 38).
    • If damaged all travel times are doubled. Rapid maneuvers risk catastrophic failure.
  5. Warp Drive jumps the ship to a neighboring star system. Cannot be activated while Shields are active, and requires six hours to warm up and perform the calculations to jump safely.
    • If damaged all jumps require a roll on the Warp Mishaps table, and emergency warps risk catastrophic failure.

Scan and Comm Ranges

Within the same Zone a clear Comms connection can be made to any ship or station. Scans can distinguish a ship’s type, velocity, and size. High resolution Scans to obtain more detailed information requires approaching to Long Range.

To a neighboring Zone a poor Comms connection can be made to ships. Scans sees size and type of large ships and space stations, but smaller ones are usually not resolvable.

Across a system a very poor Comms connection can be made with a specific, known ship. Only planet scale objects or conglomerations can be see by Scan.

Core Module Damage

When a Core Module is damaged as a result of Direct Damage in combat or some other reason, the function of that Module is significantly reduced. Core Modules have specific mechanics to describe how they operate while damaged, although unusual or special circumstances may result in different effects.

If a damaged Module is damaged a second time before being repaired, it is fully destroyed.