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A risk is a situation with potential, but uncertain, negative consequences. Avoiding those negative consequences requires a Save, the use of equipment, clever plans, or some combination of the three.

Consequences of a risk can be nearly anything depending on the situation, from Direct Damage to Death, and will usually be telegraphed prior to deciding on a course of action.


When exploring a derelict ship, xeno ruin, or other hazardous environment divided into rooms, time is tracked in 10 minute Exploration Turns. It takes the party a Turn to explore a new room, examine the current room, or perform some other significant action.

This represents the party traveling slowly and carefully. While moving this way, the party is automatically on the lookout for potential risks such as enemies, hazards, and secrets.

Spotting risks before they occur doesn’t automatically remove them, but does provide an opportunity for avoiding or mitigating them beforehand.


Meteor characters are assumed to be competent operators and as long as they are moving slowly are unlikely to stumble into a trap or ambush without prior warning.

Moving at exploration speed (1 Exploration Turn per room) means there will be an indication that something unseen or unusual is present. Finding more details depends on examination and experimentation by the characters.


If characters are moving fast they are no longer guaranteed to be warned of hidden dangers before they’re imminent. Rushing trades danger for speed, and will lead to facing risks without the opportunity to avoid them.