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Warp Travel


Traveling through a Warp Gate is instantaneous and requires no Fuel.

Traveling to an adjacent system without a Warp Gate requires 1 Fuel to activate the Warp Drive and takes 1d6 days in warp.

Safe warps must be done from outside the outer ring and requires 6 hours of warm up time.

When warping into a system, the ship enters in a random zone in the outer ring (roll a d8).


An emergency warp can be attempted with a 5 minute warm up (i.e. 5 ship rounds), and from anywhere within a system. This still costs 1 Fuel.

Emergency warps require an appropriate Save to avoid a Warp Mishap.

Warp Mishaps

  1. The ship, and everything within it, is reflected as through in a mirror.
  2. You spend no time in warp, but arrive a month later.
  3. You spend a month in warp, but to an outside observer arrive instantly.
  4. A hyperspace life-form hitched a ride on the ship.
  5. You arrive 1d6 (1: an unknown distance, 2-3: two jumps, 4-6: one jump) from your intended destination.
  6. You arrive in a random inner ring Zone, on an imminent collision course with the largest object.
  7. The ship, and everything within it, arrives half phased into hyperspace.
  8. The Warp Drive won’t turn off; trapped in hyperspace.
  9. The Warp Drive melts into a puddle of liquid metal.
  10. 1d6 random ship Modules spontaneously explode.