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AI Assistant Headset

Translates, identifies playing music, and provides encyclopedic lookup and running commentary.

Anti-Higgs Mass Neutralizer

Negates 100kg of an object’s mass while affixed to it. When used on human’s the experience is described as “deeply unpleasant”.


Clips onto wire, cable, cord, or rope to draw the user upward. 200kg weight limit.

Auto Med-Kit

Takes 10 minutes to automatically diagnose and treat wounds, restores 1d3+3 Body. Three uses.

Dissection and Analysis Kit

Scalpels, clamps, scissors and anything else you’d need to disassemble a biological specimen and see what’s inside.

Bio-Plastic Spray

Quickly sets into a flexible, vacuum proof, self repairing layer.

Bioroid Pet

Genetically engineered pet the size of a cat and about as intelligent. 3 HP, 1d6 attack, 5B/10R/10T

Digital Override Cart

Plugs into most computer systems to force root access. Single use, and the intrusion is obvious.

Liquid Nitrogen Canister

Spray to freeze small targets, release the entire canister for a 1d8 freezing blast.

Lock Pick Set

Gets through most physical and electronic locks, given enough time.

Monofilament Wire

100 meters of ultra thin, unbreakable wire.

Motion Tracker

Alerts to nearby motion.

Nano Healbot Syringe

Stops bleeding and restores 1d3 Body. Single use.


Handheld device which provides composition analysis of any inserted samples

Remote Camera Drone

Transmits a low quality video to the controller handset.


Filters harmful gasses and vapors.

Signal Jammer

While active blocks all but the most powerful wireless signals in a 10 meter radius.

Smoke Grenades

Fills a room with thick smoke to block sight and hinder breathing.

Sticky Camera Bombs

Small, unobtrusive cameras which adhere to a surface and transmit low quality video to a handset. Can be remotely activated to explode in a d6 blast.

Stim Syringe

Ignore Critical Damage and stress Saves for 2d6 rounds. Resolve Save to avoid passing out for 1d6 hours when it wears off.

Thermite Flare

Burns fast or slow. Slow provides a bright light for 6 hours. Fast melts a hole through just about anything in under a minute.

Universal Epoxy Tubes

Crack the end and mix the components. Adheres to any solid surface and hardens fully in five minutes.

Universal Etchant

Powerful acid which cleanly etches away an equal volume of any solid material. 250mL bottle.

Vac Suit

Provides 6 Oxygen (an hour of breathable air). Standardized, one size fits all space suit. Awkward to move in, folds into a small package when not in use.