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Ship Upkeep

Weekly Upkeep

Once per week, one Fuel is consumed by basic power generation, ship maintenance, and life support.

If upkeep is not maintained, roll a d6 for each skipped week and each of those Ship Malfunctions occur.

Ship Malfunction

  1. Dead In Space: The ship totally shuts down and is helpless without a resupply.
  2. Loss of Power: The ship is on emergency power, all Specialty Modules are inoperable and all Core Modules operate as though damaged until resupply.
  3. Core Failure: A random Core Module is damaged.
  4. Module Failure: A random Specialty Module is damaged.
  5. Targeting Errors: All ship weapons are impaired until resupply or re-calibration.
  6. Last Legs: A random damaged Module is destroyed.