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Vacuum Suits have an “Oxygen Storage” rating, representing how much breathable Oxygen they can hold.

Oxygen Storage defaults to 6.

A Vac Suit can be fully filled in a Turn (10 minutes) while in a breathable pressurized environment, or instantly with an Oxygen Tank (1 inventory slot).


When relying on your suit to breath, consume 1 Oxygen per Turn (10 minutes).

This means most Vac Suits can support you for on hour.

Failing a Stress Save consumes 1 Oxygen.

When you take damage that could puncture or damage your vac suit, the suit loses Oxygen for each point of damage taken. Most vac suits will self repair breaches. Excepting cases of catastrophic damage to the suit, they will retain integrity after this immediate Oxygen loss.

Running Out

If you must consume Oxygen but your have none, you immediately:

  • Go to zero HP
  • Make a Stress Save or lose d10 Resolve

Then lose 1 Body per Round (10 seconds) until you reach a breathable environment.

Holding Breath

You can hold your breath to avoid the effects of running out of Oxygen by adding 1 Fatigue to your inventory per Round (10 seconds).