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Specialty Modules

Specialty Modules

Specialty Modules are permanently installed into an inventory slot to provide a ship with extra capabilities. Module are associated with one Ship Ability (Hull, Drives, or Tech), and increases that Ability by +1.

Some Modules have charge effects which are used by spending 1 Fuel.

Module Damage

Specialty Modules do not have pre-written damaged effects as Core Modules do. Instead, their functionality is reduced roughly by half while damaged. When in doubt reduce the range, increase the cost, or reduce the Module’s effect by half.

Random Specialty Module

Roll 1d6 for the category (1-2: Hull, 3-4: Drive, 5-6: Tech), then 1d10 for the Module.

Hull Modules

  1. Brig +1 Inventory slot. Safely secure a few human-sized creatures (or a single large one).
  2. Broad Spectrum High Reflection Coating +1 Max Shields, +1 Armor, sufficiently heat proof to survive a star’s chromosphere. Also gives the ship a stylish chrome appearance.
  3. Cloaking Field Turn completely invisible. Weapons, shields, and warp drives are nonfunctional while cloaked. Anything beyond minimal drive use will break cloaking.
  4. Condensed Magnetic Plating +1 Max Shields, charge to gain +1 Armor for 10 minutes.
  5. Fighter Bay Houses and launches a single seat space craft capable of atmospheric flight. Fighter: 6 Shields, Graser (1d8 Short), 5 Hull, 15 Drives, 5 Tech. No on board life support or warp drive.
  6. Magnetic Scoop +1 Inventory Slot, harvest Fuel from gas giants or dense nebulae at the rate of 1 canister per day.
  7. Redundant Construction +1 Inventory slot. This Module is damaged before any Core Module when the ship takes Critical Damage.
  8. Shield Auto-Charger +1 Max Shields, after taking Direct Damage to the Hull, restore that much to Shields (up to Max).
  9. Shield Modulator +1 Max Shields, +1 Armor against a specific type of weapon, charge to switch types.
  10. Smuggling Compartments +2 Inventory slots, internal compartments hidden from both visual inspection and scan.

Drive Modules

  1. After Burner Perform an instantaneous acceleration. Charge to release a 1d8 damage blast behind the ship.
  2. AI Autopilot Can perform simple piloting or a single action each round. Bad at anything complex or detailed.
  3. Cherenkov Shaper Uses residual energy when exiting a warp to send an active radar pulse which maps the system and highlights the position of ships and structures.
  4. Cold Reaction Drives Makes the Impulse Drive emissionless and invisible to visuals and scans.
  5. Inertial Dampener +1 Armor, allows faster accelerations and softens impacts.
  6. Photomagnetic Sail +1 Max Shields, projects a magnetic sail to gain propulsion from sunlight. Achieves Full Burn (Pg 38) travel times without needing to spend Fuel.
  7. Self-Recycling Drive Warp Travel always takes 1 Day, and after warping into a system a single Full Burn (Pg 38) can be performed without spending Fuel.
  8. Skip Drive Allows intra-system “skip jumps” that warp from zone to zone within a system. 10 minute charge to jump safely, 1 minute for an emergency warp. Short range warps still require spending 1 Fuel.
  9. Star Diver Safely warp in 10 minutes (or emergency warp in 1) by diving into a star’s, or black hole’s, gravity well.
  10. Subspace Bore After a Warp, you can leave open a semi-stable wormhole, allowing free and instant traversal. The wormhole collapses after a day unless the Bore is charged both before and after jumping.

Tech Modules

  1. Displacer Teleport objects (or an away team) to and from destinations at Short or Medium Ranges. Safe as long as the destination is visible, and the targets can be locked onto.
  2. Effector Field +1 Max Shields, reel in nearby objects or tow them along with the ship.
  3. Hologram Drone Launch an unarmed drone (1 Shields, 3 Hull, 10 Drive, 10 Tech) which can project a hologram around it roughly the same size as your ship. Charge to replace a lost or destroyed drone.
  4. Medbay Robotic doctor and automatic pharmaceutical synthesizer. Fully restores Body loss in six hours, and installs augmentations with no risk.
  5. Programmable Transponder Spoof your ship’s ID and type to scans.
  6. Repair Bots A swarm of small robots automatically repair Hull damage at a rate of 1 point per 6 hours. Charge to a repair a damaged Module or hull breach.
  7. Replicator Print disposable items from blueprints or scans. Charge for complex, esoteric, or reusable items.
  8. Scout Drones Launch up to three unarmed drones (1 Shields, 3 Hull, 10 Drive, 10 Tech) with ship quality Scanning Arrays. Charge to replace lost or destroyed drones.
  9. SWISH (Synthetic Wavelength Integrated Scanning Hologram) Scans provide high resolution 3D data of anything within the same Zone. Nonfunction through interference.
  10. Training Holo-Sim Immersive holographic training room. Each the ship accumulates a week of travel time or downtime each crew-member learns a new Random Skill.