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Ship Weapons

Weapon Ranges

Weapons indicate the engagement ranges in which they are effective. Some weapons have charge abilities which can be activated by spending 1 Fuel.

Default Weapon

Most ships are armed with the default Phased Array weapon. Ships often carry one or more additional armaments.

Phased Array (1d6 Short/Medium) A standard microwave array mounted on most ships for self defense. With a clever operator can also be used for other applications such as slicing, mining, or heating.

Specialty Armaments

  1. Ion Cannons (1d8, Short), does not damage Hull but disables a chosen Module on Direct Damage.
  2. Forced Plasma (1d8, Short/Medium), charge to fire a dispersed salvo (1d8 blast, Short/Medium).
  3. Spinal Rail Gun (1d10, Short/Medium/Long), can only fire in the direction the ship is pointing.
  4. Grav Torpedo (1d8, Medium/Long), ignores shields but hits the turn after being fired.
  5. Auto Turret (1d6, Short), Auto Fire Mode: automatically attacks the closest hostile target. Defense Mode: +1 Armor against any incoming attacks.
  6. Mass Driver (1d10, Short/Medium), takes a turn to fire, charge to fire immediately.
  7. Nanobot Canisters (1d6, Short), if this weapon deals Direct Damage it will deal that much Direct Damage again on the following round.
  8. Superconducting Chaff (1d10, Short), does not damage Hull but prevents Shields from being restored. If fired into empty space it creates a cloud that inhibits weapon fire (+3 Armor if firing through it).
  9. Hostile Uplink (1d6, Short/Medium), if this weapon deals Direct Damage it creates a data link to that ship’s computer system allowing for hacking, data plundering, etc.
  10. Powered Missiles (1d6/1d8/1d10 at Short/Medium/Long), deals more damage the more distance it has to accelerate.