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Augmentations are pieces of equipment that permanently fill an inventory slot when they’re installed into your body. Some Augmentations have charge abilities that are activated by adding Fatigue to an empty inventory slot.

How To Get Augmentations

Gain a random Augmentation at character creation when you roll the minimum HP for your class. Otherwise gain them by paying top dollar at a high end licensed medical institute, doing a favor for the guy who runs a clinic behind Tony’s Space Bar, or saying yes to your Researcher buddy who asked if you’d be willing to help with a “little experiment” they’re working on.

Synths start with the special Access Jack augmentation, plus one more based on their starting HP.

Access Jack: Plug into and interface with any computer. Charge to remotely interface in line of sight. Special Augmentation which all Synths start with.

Random Augmentation

  1. Active-Camo: Invisible while still. Charge to retain effect while in motion.
  2. Advanced Aural Suite: Analyze audio to detect falsehoods, navigate by sonar, or mimic voices. Charge to release a disorienting sonic blast.
  3. Arm Blades: 1d8 damage each, concealed until unfolded.
  4. Arm Cannon: 1d8 damage. Charge for 1d8 blast.
  5. Bloodstream Nanobots: Naturally restore 1 point of Body every six hours. Charge to immediately restore 1d3 Body.
  6. Combat Reflexes: If it’s unclear who acts first, it’s you. Charge to gain an extra action in combat.
  7. Densified Musculature: Ignore the bulky tag (bulky items take only one slot and one hand to hold). Charge to perform a feat of superhuman strength.
  8. Detachable Hands: Hands are attached by retractable wire. Charge to launch them.
  9. EM Scanner: Sense active electronics in your vicinity. Charge to briefly jam them.
  10. Extra Arms: You have two more arms grafted on.
  11. Fabricator: Print small, plastic objects. Eat plastic to refill. Charge to eat and print with other materials.
  12. Gecko Splice: Your hands and feet can grip any surface, even through gloves and shoes. Charge to launch your tongue for d10 damage that sticks on Direct Damage.
  13. Holo-Projector: Disguise yourself. Charge to create a fleeting hologram up to 40ft away.
  14. Hyperspectral Vision: See everything from far infrared through extreme UV. Practically you can see heat sources and in low light. Charge to see through non-metallic surfaces.
  15. Personal Shield: +1 Armor. Charge to extend effect to nearby allies for one minute.
  16. Personal Tractor Field: Attract or repel small objects. Charge to affect larger objects.
  17. Power Fists: 1d6 unarmed damage for each fist. Charge for 1d10 punch that breaks through obstacles.
  18. Smuggling Compartment: Hide a single non-bulky item from visual inspection and scan. Charge to analyze an enclosed item.
  19. Spring Legs: Land from any distance without harm. Charge to launch yourself into the air.
  20. Synthetic Adrenal Boosters: If you have an empty Inventory Slot gain Fatigue instead of being incapacitated when taking Critical Damage. Charge to restore 1d6 HP in combat.