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Ship Building

Ship Creation

There is no single method to create player ships, as it is too dependent on the type of campaign, how the players acquired the ship, and how much it cost them.

In general, any method will follow the pattern of starting with some Base Abilities (a default of 10 in each), the five Core Modules (including 3 Shields from the Standard Shield Projector), a d6 damage Phased Array for a weapon, 1-3 Specialty Modules (which increase Abilities when installed), and an additional weapon.

The following are some possible Ship Creation frameworks, along with seeds for the first adventure and the sort of campaign they might lead into.

Start a ship with d4+2 Fuel canisters already loaded into their Inventory.

New To You

You were extremely frugal, you scrounged and saved every cred you got your hands on, and even skipped out on buying coffee every morning to try and save up. Turns out that last bit wasn’t very much help, and all you could afford was a second hand ship.

  • Abilities: Assign 10, 8, 6.
  • Specialty Modules: Pick any one, plus two random from within Abilities of your choice.
  • Additional Weapons: Choose one out of two random weapons.

Downside: Ship is in rough shape, and probably has some hidden idiosyncrasies or a hidden past. Maybe it’s haunted.

Starting Mission: The final, foolhardy job you had to take to get the last bit of cash.

Campaign: Open world sandbox. Explore the galaxy in your beater spaceship. No one has any claim to you or your ship, aside from ever increasing maintenance costs.

Got A Loan

You were willing to go deep into debt to some shady characters in order to buy your dream ship.

  • Abilities: Assign 14, 12, 10.
  • Specialty Modules: Pick any three.
  • Additional Weapons: Pick any one.

Downside: You are heavily in debt. Not only are you expected to make regular payments, your debt holder will frequently lean on you to perform tasks or missions for them.

Starting Mission: First task from your debtor, before they turn over the keys.

Campaign: Directed, the GM will provide missions for the crew to accomplish.

Stole it! Crimes!

You’ve a criminal! The cool kind! Where you steal a space ship!

  • Abilities: Randomly assign 12, 10, 8.
  • Specialty Modules: Four entirely random modules.
  • Additional Weapons: One random weapon.

Downside: You’re flying stolen goods! You will be hunted by whoever you stole it from, and also by CorpSec from both Companies who can “legally” keep your ship if they arrest you.

Starting Mission: The ship heist! Let’s see how you got a hold of this thing!

Campaign: Open world with pressure. Stay ahead of your hunters while still making enough of a living to keep flying