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Price List

Halve prices in places where the the item is produced or in great abundance. Multiply prices by 1d4 in places where the items are scarce or in high demand. If selling, halve the stated value.


Meal (1 Cred): Greasy burger and drink at a space truck stop.

Elaborate Meal (50 Cred): Planet raised meat, planet grown veg.

Docking Fee (10 Cred): Standard cost, usually good for a week.


Simple Tools (10 Cred): Hand tool, crowbar, knife, stim syringe.

Standard Tools (100 Cred): Vac suit, med kit, mining charge.

Specialty Tools (500 Cred): Armor, hacker deck, remote drone.

Basic Weapons (100 Cred): d6 ranged, d8 melee

Specialty Weapons (500 Cred): d8 ranged, d10 melee

Augmentations (1000 Cred): Limited selection, installation extra.


Repair Hull (100 Cred): Per point of Hull lost.

Fuel (100 Cred): Per Fuel canister.

Repair Damaged Module (500 Cred): Rare or esoteric Specialty Modules may cost more. Destroyed Modules must be replaced.

Ship Module or Weapon (2000 Cred): Core Modules are available in most locations, Specialty Modules are rare.

Used Space Ship (10,000 Cred): For a real junker.

Mission Payout

1000 Creds for a routine, standard mission.

5000 Creds for lengthy, inconvenient, or hazardous missions.

Xeno Archaeology Bounties

500 Creds for sample of xeno writing

500 Creds for survey, scans, info of xeno architecture

1000 Creds for location data of unexplored xeno ruins

1000 Creds for non-functional piece of xeno tech

5000 (variable) for working piece of xeno tech