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Core Rules


A Save is a roll to avoid bad outcomes from risky choices and circumstances.

Roll a d20 and compare to the appropriate Ability. If you roll equal to or lower than the Ability you succeed and avoid the bad outcome.

Stress Saves

When you’re subjected to a stressful, horrifying, or incomprehensible situation you must make a Resolve Save to avoid losing Resolve.

The amount of Resolve you risk losing depends on the situation, starting at a d4, and as high as a d10 for extreme situations


If you reach 0 Resolve you Panic.

When you Panic roll a d6 to see how your character acts:

  • 1-3: Your most likely response.
  • 4-5: Your middle response.
  • 6: Your least likely response.

(Your most, second, and least likely responses are determined at character creation between Fight, Flight, and Freeze.)

Your Panic response lasts 1d3 combat rounds, or until the source of your Panic is gone.

For as long as your Resolve remains at 0 you must add Fatigue to your inventory to take any action that is not Fighting, Fleeing, or Freezing.


Resting for a few moments and having a drink of water restores lost HP but could leave you exposed.

A good night’s rest will remove any Fatigue from your inventory, recover d6 Resolve, and 1 Body.

Body and Resolve loss can be restored faster if facilitated by a medic or other appropriate source of expertise or assistance.

Training loss is fully restored with a week’s rest, or faster if facilitated by a councilor or other appropriate source of expertise.


If you are deprived of a crucial need (such as food or rest) you are unable to recover HP or Abilities. For each day you remain deprived add Fatigue to your inventory.


Each Fatigue occupies one slot and lasts until you’re able to recuperate (such as a full night’s rest in a safe spot).

You can gain Fatigue by charging Augmentations, deprovation, or through events in the fiction.


You have a total of 10 inventory slots: a backpack with six slots, one slot for each hand, and two slots for your upper body (such as the belt, chest, or head).

Most items take up one slot, bulky items take up two slots and are typically two-handed or awkward to carry.

Carrying a full inventory (e.g. filling all 10 slots) reduces you to 0 HP.


Augmentations are permanent equipment installed into or grafted onto your character. When you obtain an Augmentation it permanently occupies a slot in a your inventory.

Some Augmentations have an active charge ability which can be used by adding a Fatigue to your inventory.


When you survive a dangerous mission or completely escape a hostile environment either increase your HP by 1 (to a maximum of 12) or gain an Undefined Skill.

Then roll a d20 for each of Body, Resolve and Training. If a result is higher than the ability, it increases by 1 (to a maximum of 18).

Aside from this mechanical advancement, the primary way a Meteor character improves is by the equipment, augmentations, and other weirdness they pick up through play.